universal singl modem 3g

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15 May 2019
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Worldwide UMTS/HSDPA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage
Minimal SMT form factor ideal for small end-products with space constraints
High-quality data and image transmission even in hazardous conditions and dark environments
Fast time-to-market Reference designs, evaluation tools and timely technical support minimize design-in time and development efforts
Robust mounting and interfaces

The UC15 is a cost effective UMTS/HSDPA module featuring a maximum data rate of 3.6Mbps downlink and 384Kbps uplink. Designed to be compatible with Quectel GSM/GPRS M10 module in the compact and unified form factor, it provides a flexible and scalable platform for migrating from GSM/GPRS/EDGE to UMTS/HSDPA. This enables integrators and developers to design their applications once and take advantage of true worldwide coverage and service flexibility afforded by the combination of the two most prevalent cellular technologies worldwide.

Its advanced LCC package allows fully automated manufacturing for high volume applications and copper-surfaced bottom design optimizes heat dissipation. The tiny profile in a cost-optimized SMT form factor with a high level of integration enables integrators and developers to easily design their applications and truly benefit from the modules small size, low power consumption and mechanical integrity.

A rich set of Internet protocols, industry-standard interfaces, such as USB/UART/ADC/NETLIGHT/PCM and abundant functionality (USB drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows CE, Linux, Android/eCall) extend the suitability of the module to a wide range of M2M applications such as automotive, metering, security, CPE and wireless POS.
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